Cross-32 Meta-Assembler

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The Cross-32 Meta-Assembler is a table based macro cross-assembler that compiles programs for numerous different target processors. By using a flexible instruction table structure, it assembles source code for many microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors, written in the original manufacturer's mnemonics. Cross-32 saves the cost of purchasing many individual assemblers, and reduces the time needed to learn numerous different products.

Download a Free MS-DOS version demo.

Filename: C32DEMO.ZIP, Size: 40.7K

Download a Free Windows95 version demo.

Filename: C32DEM95.ZIP, Size: 941.6K

Cross-32 Meta-Assembler

  • Table driven macro cross-assembler
  • Supports DFB, DFS, DWM, DWL and DFL
  • Supports END, EQU, INCL, ORG, PAGE, TITL, WDLN and other directives
  • Supports macro assembly (MACRO-ENDM)
  • Supports conditional assembly (IF-ELSE-ENDI)
  • Uses manufacturer's assembly language mnemonics
  • One step, two pass assembly (linker not used)
  • 35,000 lines/min of 68HC05 source code on a 75 MHz Pentium
  • Intel, Motorola and C constants, 12H=$12=0x12
  • Uses C language arithmetic and logical operators
  • Internal 32-bit integer math
  • Creates hex file, listing and symbol table
  • Select Intel hex, Motorola S or binary file formats
  • Full error messages: FILE (ROW,COLUMN)
  • Works with any ASCII text editor
  • Windows® and MS-DOS® versions
  • Over 50 processor tables included
  • Users may create tables for other processors

  • $99 / US

    Supports, At Least, The Following Processors

    1802-1806 37700 3870/F8 50740/37450 64180 6502/C02
    65816/802 6800/1/2/3/8 6301/6303 6809 6805/68HC05 68HC08
    68HC11 68HC16 68000/8/10/302 8041/42 8048/49 8051/52
    8080/85 8086/88/186/188 8096/C196 89700 ADSP-210x COP400
    COP800 H8/3xx H8/5xx HMCS400 NEC7500 NEC78C1x
    NEC78C31x PIC16Cxx PIC17Cxx SAB80166 SUPER8 TLCS-90
    TMS3201X TMS3202X TMS3205X TMS34010 TMS370 TMS7000
    TMS9900/95 Z8 Z80 Z180/Z280 Z8002/4 More...

    CDROM contains Cross-32 Meta-Assembler V4.0 versions for MS-DOS®
    Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98/NT/2000