XDASM - Universal Cross Disassembler

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XDASM is a powerful, MS/DOS® based Program Disassembler which is used to reconstruct or debug source level code for various processor types. Its unique table-driven structure and output format adaptability, makes XDASM the most universal program disassembler available.

New, in Version 3.3, more TAG file commands. Substitute assigned Labels using your own label name. Add your own comments to each Instruction Line. Up to five Cross-Reference lists can be generated. More disassembly options. More processor tables. XDASM 2.x customers can upgrade to version 3.3 for $49.

Download our Free demo and check out the features.

Filename: XDEMO.ZIP, Size: 26.3K

XDASM - Cross-Disassembler V3.3

  • Generates assembly language source code from ROM/EPROM
  • Accepts Intel hex, Motorola S and binary file formats
  • Creates "Assembler-ready" code for your favorite assembler
  • Uses manufacturer's assembly language mnemonics
  • User configurable assembler directives
  • Creates labels, comment hexdump and cross-reference lists
  • Deblocks source code into subroutines
  • User can substitute Label Names
  • User can insert Instruction Line comments
  • Full control of disassembly with TAG file
  • Users may create tables for other processor types
  • Maximum input file size of 64K (0-65535)
  • Source code for all CPU tables provided
  • Requires MS/DOS® PC with at least 640K RAM

  • $99 / US

    Supports, At Least, The Following Processors

    1802-1806 65816 8031-8040 89700 TMS7000
    3870 6800-6809 8048-8052 COP400 TMS9900/95
    4004 68HC08 8080/8085 COP800 TMS320C1x
    6301/6303 68HC11 8086/8088 PIC16C5x TMS320C2x
    64180 78C1x 8096/80196 SUPER8 Z8
    6502/65C02 78C31x 80186/80188 TLCS-90 Z80/Z180